New Poems & Short Story Consultation Competition

Christine Murray of Poethead has kindly published a selection of my poems in her extensive Index of Women Poets, including ‘Lifelike’ and ‘Family Portraits’.  This is particularly a treat for me, as Christine is a poet I’ve long admired since first reading her poems in Southword Journal. I particularly appreciate in how her work manages emotional intensity without relying on the crutch of narrative, which is something I often find myself tied to. Along with that of Anamaría Crowe Serrano and Mairead Byrne, her work has been a guiding example for me of what contemporary poetry can do.

Also delighted that my poem ‘Planning Permission’ will be re-published in this Tuesday’s Irish Examiner. (Sadly, hard copy only, as their Tuesday Poems series is no longer published online.) This poem originally appeared in my Smithereens Press chapbook ‘Rootless’ and was shortlisted by Sarah Clancy in the Over the Edge New Writer Competition in 2013.

Finally: Over at Long Story, Short Journal, writers who include a screenshot of their receipt of donation to the Calais refugee crisis will be eligible for one of three chances to win an extensive one-to-one consultation on their short story. More details on the submissions guidelines page.